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Community Projects

Sub Station studio is proud to have been involved in serveral fun and exciting school and youth projects, in association with Fife Council, the Scottish Arts Council, SKY, and Canon Business Centre Scotland.

As part of these on-going programs, we produced a 40-minute DVD to document how schools experienced life working, recording and mixing in a studio. All seven West Fife High schools were involved in this project.

Clips from it have been used in the short ad which you can check out on YouTube.

We'll have bigger clips from the DVD itself online soon so stay tuned!

"Bringing people and music together"

Through Multi-Media Promotional Video


Details and quotes from those involved:

Creation of partnerships to bring Fife to the forefront

“Through Multi-Media Together”2005/2006

Sub Station Recording Studio
& Fife Council Education

Funded by SKY
Specialised printing by Canon Business Centre Scotland


'Through Multi-Media Together'

is curricular linked learning at the cutting edge focusing on artistic development. The project is a partnership between Sub Station, the West Fife High Schools, Canon Business Centre Scotland and SKY. Staff have taken their teaching skills out of the classroom and into the studio. In the environment of private enterprise, utilising the professional skills of Sub Station staff, pupils have been given the opportunity to work within the areas of film, music, graphic art and performing arts. The combination of their own talent and the high-tech resources being made available to them has had amazing results.


"Sky is delighted to fund this fantastic project that challenges young people to achieve their full potential. It's a great asset to have a professional recording studio practically on our doorstep. Coincidentally, when the funding application came in, we had already sent over some of our own people from Sky's Dunfermline site to make a DVD. After their feedback was so positive, we were keen to extend the opportunity to local schools. At the screening last week, we were bowled over with the talent of the young film-makers - matched by the commitment of their teachers."
- Gary McIlraith, Director of Customer Operations at SKY.


"This is an innovative and inclusive project which has great appeal for young people while at the same time delivering a valuable educational experience.  It is helping to take a large number of pupils further on the journey towards “Excellence for All”. 
As a Service we are delighted to endorse TM-MT."

- Ken Greer, Head of Education, Fife Council.


"This is one of the most exciting, imaginative and creative projects I've come across.  It motivates young people, appealing to their private hopes and aspirations, building skills, and confidence – factors which change the youngsters permanently. Those young people emerge from The Sub Station experience stronger, surer of themselves, readier to take the next step and fired with enthusiasm. Fantastic."
- Kay Morrison, Spokesperson for School Children, Fife Council.


"This has been a worthwhile and extremely successful project. Both groups have gained valuable new skills from this project as well as a great sense of satisfaction on its completion. The staff at Substation taught the pupils how to design, plan, evaluate, film and edit a peronalised DVD. The Sub Station staff were encouraging and inspirational in their approach. The pupils gained a great deal of expertise from them as well as some of the following skills; Design & Implementation, Using a variety of equipment, working in groups, ownership and empowerment. Probably the most successful area was the satisfaction the pupils gained from seeing their final product. We are very proud of the pupils and hope they use these skills again in future projects, school life and throughout life. This project has strengthened links both within and accross departments. In summary this project has made a difference to the educational lives of these students, it has given more confidence in working groups and an ability to evaluate successfully, has developed skills in filming and editing and given them valuable insight into the real working world."
- Beath High School – Year 1


"I was delighted to be involved with this innovative and highly successful project. Every one played their part. The Sub Station and Sky in particular have to be congratulated for their vision and commitment, in making up the third part of the community triangle Fife Council once more displayed high professionalism allied with a keenness to involve themselves in partnership working, the staff involved have been exemplary in their attitude. I share the common hope with all involved that this initiative can be repeated and at some point rolled out across Fife."
- Councillor Pat Callaghan (Rosyth West)


To summarise, the project has been an enormous success story for both pupils and teachers and would not have been possible without the considerable funding provided by Sky.

"I enjoyed the high quality, intelligence and humour of the work from the various schools.  Considering the short amount of time the kids had to understand the technology the end result was remarkable. The project is a success and must continue as it gives a fresh exciting opportunity to a new generation of talent to find their individual voice. I was honoured to be asked to give the first masterclass."
- Richard Jobson Masterclass 2nd December 2005


"Once again the value of TM-MT was shown clearly at the Master class held at the Substation on Friday. Richard Jobson, a famous son of West Fife, delivered an excellent account of his experiences in the music, televisual and film industries. While Richard’s talk did not concern technical aspects of these industries he supplied a unique insight into the possibilities for the young would be musicians and filmmakers from West Fife. Richard was impressed by the efforts of the school pupils and complimented them on the quality of their work. Sky, which is funding the project, was represented by Tukiya Clark who in her opening remarks offered encouragement and praise for all the kids involved. We hope this project is taken up by the council and the same opportunity given to youngsters throughout the Kingdom."  
- Sub Station Recording Studio 2nd December 2005


"The children loved the experience and I was amazed at their enthusiasm and excitement. They learned many things during their session thanks to the encouraging staff. This is a very worthwhile visit and I hope it is one that other classes will experience too."
- St Brides Primary – Year 1


Quotes from 'High School' pupils...

"The most fantastic opportunity I could have been given, BRILLIANT!"
- Fraser Keddie (S3)

"I enjoyed going through the process of acting and editing the DVD.  It was amazing that we could see our own work coming together."
- Lauren Herd (S3)

"I was nervous going to the launch because I didn't know if our film was going to be shown.  It was good to see other groups' work but I think ours was the best! I hope we'll get to go again next year."
- Sinead, St. Columbas.

"The visits to Sub Station were a great opportunity to meet new people.  I learned how to use a video camera and to edit with iMovie * things I couldn't have done in school." 

- Chelsay (Dunfermline)

"It was an amazing trip that allowed me to express myself through the filming experience." 
- Michelle (Dunfermline)

"I liked Substation because it was a fantastic experience as it's not something you get to do at school. More importantly I had a great time getting to know people I had never talked to before at school.  Brilliant, I'd recommend this to other pupils."  

- Chris (Queen Anne)

"Besides the acting, we all did camera work and editing using Apple laptops.  It took a lot of hard work over the 8 weeks.  This didn't matter though because it was so much fun and an experience I'll never forget."
- Annamaria  (Queen Anne)


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